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Friday, May 27, 2011

hd pictures for wallpaper

hd pictures for wallpaper. Paradise Island HD Wallpaper
  • Paradise Island HD Wallpaper

  • Clix Pix
    Dec 19, 12:37 PM
    I read the info about Katie Melua -- didn't play any of her music on iTunes because it was in the wee hours of the morn and didn't want to disturb my neighbors, but I'll be giving her a listen today -- and noticed that one of her songs pays homage to Eva Cassidy. Now there's a singer you should hear if you haven't already been captivated by her incredible voice! Unfortunately, her albums aren't on iTunes, you'd have to check her out at other websites -- probably you can hear portions of her songs at Amazon or Tower. Two fairly standard songs to which she gives incredible new meaning are "Danny Boy" and "Over the Rainbow." Her version of "Over the Rainbow" just blows Judy Garland right out of the water and then some. It is simply stunning.

    Eva Cassidy, sadly, is no longer with us. She died of cancer several years ago, but thankfully, her music lives on. All of Eva's albums have actually been released posthumously and for a long time she was known only to people in the DC area who frequented local jazz clubs. She had an amazing and eclectic approach to songs and did a little of eveything, from ballads to gospel to jazz "scat" tunes. Her voice was especially suited to ballads and she worked wonders with just her voice and a guitar....


    hd pictures for wallpaper. Samsung i omnia hd wallpaper
  • Samsung i omnia hd wallpaper

  • zelmo
    Mar 30, 10:49 AM
    BTW: The 1gb shuffle is UK�99.01 over here.
    About US$186... :eek:

    So that's why $30 seems fairly reasonable from a UK point of view.
    Well... from my point view anyway.

    It IS a reasonable price to protect your 1GB Shuffle. People are protective of their Apple kit, because it is designed so well. They want to preserve the look, even if it costs a little extra. $30 is still way cheaper than replacing your Shuffle because of scuffs and scratches on the case.

    And besides, it's blue, to boot... ;)

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  • desktop wallpapers hd

  • Little-Tiger
    Jun 21, 12:22 PM
    I'm willing to give you 200 euro for it.
    But too bad I'm in the netherlands..
    maybe shipping it??

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  • Lightning HD Wallpapers

  • dobbin
    Oct 17, 04:32 AM
    This is indeed a well known issue with cubes. Some people were affected immediately, and others only after a period of time like you.

    My cube has a 'seizure' about once every 4 months and it will do this for an hour or two and then correct itself and be fine again.

    There have been numerous causes and solutions suggested and it appears that different things work for different machines.

    The usual cause is the proximity switch - the touch sensitive one on top of the cube. Most people report that the switching on and off is caused by a badly fitting or loose gasket around this switch inside the cube.

    Some people say that making sure this gasket is seated firmly will cure the problem, and others have had this replaced (for free) by Apple.

    I have never found this to be the case with mine, it just seems to have a mind of its own, for short spells every now and again.

    Some people have also reported that this happens on hot days or when the air-con is swithed off. I've not noticed this (as I live in the UK it never gets hot!).

    There have been hundreds of discussions on this topic since the cube was introduced and you can probably find some useful info on the web.

    I'm not sure why Apple have not provided more help on this topic given what a widespread issue it was/is, but I just searched Google for "Apple Cube Switch problem" and it came back with a lot of links. Bear in mind that the solution for one cube may not help yours! I guess this is the price we have to pay for having the coolest computer the world has ever seen :D


    hd pictures for wallpaper. wallpapers hd. wallpapers hd
  • wallpapers hd. wallpapers hd

  • calculus
    Jan 13, 12:12 PM
    you make a device that streams media from your mac to your tv .. and you dont call it iTV ..you call is apple tv! .. cuz callign it iTV would be too easy ..

    hd pictures for wallpaper. Wooden Apple HD Wallpaper
  • Wooden Apple HD Wallpaper

  • treehorn
    Apr 22, 08:23 AM
    I do a lot of editing of promo spots that incorporate Brolls from shows with interview footage from opening nights, etc. The Brolls come to me on everything from standard DVD, BetaSP, raw DV/DVCPRO Quicktime and HD files in...a variety of formats. The interviews are either DV/DVCPRO or HDV depending on who shot them.

    Lately I've been having problems with getting them to play nice with each other - specifically, clips from one company are getting very pixilated/blocky when I get the final product compressed down for web (the settings are close to the preset for Ipod Video 640X480 - unfortunately the preset is on my work computer and not here at home).

    The odd thing is that those clips sometimes work beautifully, sometimes look unusably horrible and there is no rhyme or reason (and as I wasn't the one that initially made them, I have no idea if they did something different on their end in compressing them). I've tried converting the clips into whatever format I'm going to be editing in ahead of time to match the interviews, but it makes no difference - it will look great until compressed down to the preset (which if memory serves is 1000kbps instead of the 1500kbps - I'm sure this doesn't help but as everything else looks fine at that level...)

    The Settings on the clips that are giving me problems are:

    Data rate - Between 8 and 12MB/Sec
    Square pixel
    Upper field dominance

    I've tried simply dragging them into the timeline and having FCP render them (usually into a DV/DVCPRO 720X480 Lower Field sequence. Sometimes into an HDV sequence). I've tried using Compressor to convert them into DV NTSC ahead of time to make them match the other footage. Neither shows any difference.

    Since it doesn't happen with every instance of using clips from this company in this format, I'm not sure where or what the problem is occurring. and since it sometimes results in such a glaring difference in the same sequence (imagine the most pristine HD followed by the worst Youtube clip)...

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

    hd pictures for wallpaper. HD Wallpaper: “Space Fishing”
  • HD Wallpaper: “Space Fishing”

  • maclaptop
    Apr 24, 09:22 PM

    hd pictures for wallpaper. hd wallpaper pics.
  • hd wallpaper pics.

  • fbriggs
    Feb 27, 12:49 AM
    press h to toggle help information
    press m to toggle the slider menu
    press t to toggle track info
    press i to toggle fps

    hd pictures for wallpaper. hd wallpaper eagle. wallpaper
  • hd wallpaper eagle. wallpaper

  • Dave00
    Jul 1, 09:32 AM
    What exactly does the apple video adaptor adapt? I've been looking for something to connect my macbook to an external monitor.


    hd pictures for wallpaper. York HD Wallpaper. by Jack
  • York HD Wallpaper. by Jack

  • flyfish29
    Mar 10, 09:36 PM
    I generally advise people to avoid having their camera gear on a homeowner's rider anyway- the last thing you want is the HO insurance canceled because of a claim. Talk to any licensed insurance agent- Traveller's has a nice "personal professional property" policy, or just ask about an "inland marine" policy for your gear.


    Great advice!

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  • hd wallpapers women.

  • Dave00
    Dec 13, 11:20 AM
    Hi all,

    I need to scan some photo prints in for archiving, and I'm not real satisfied with my current scanner (Canon) which I've used the past couple years. It seems to have problems picking up subtle color gradients, so the pictures wind up looking overly contrasted. In talking to others, this seems to be an extremely common problem. Anyone know of a solution?


    hd pictures for wallpaper. hd wallpaper. hd wallpaper pc.
  • hd wallpaper. hd wallpaper pc.

  • TEHi
    Apr 12, 07:29 PM
    TRIM and Capsule Rebel are great cases. If you go for the TRIM make sure your order the black one, because the colored ones will stain within days if you are not careful.

    hd pictures for wallpaper. Full HD Wallpapers - Boys
  • Full HD Wallpapers - Boys

  • DannyNguyener
    Apr 26, 02:43 PM
    Thank you so much! Your the best!

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  • baseball HD wallpaper

  • bowlerman625
    Apr 23, 10:04 AM
    I've used eBay to buy AppleCare. The pricing is very competitive.

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  • HD Desktop Wallpapers

  • atrac7
    Apr 4, 08:56 PM
    Hello all,

    I bought an iPad 1 about 2 weeks ago, brand new. All has been well, and I was able to jailbreak it on firmware 4.2.1 using green poison.

    I think I made an error yesterday by trying to charge the iPad with a 3rd party connector. It charged fine, and this morning I awoke to a 100% charged battery as usual.

    The problem however is that it is STUCK at 100% for the whole day, and that's with a good amount of usage.

    I've tried:

    -Rebooting (full power off, power on), respringing, trying to sync with itunes, all to no avail. The battery is still stuck at 100%

    What is the BEST option for me at this point? If I need to RESTORE, what is the best way to make sure i STAY on 4.2.1 so I can apply the UNTETHERED jailbreak again? The more specific, the more helpful...such as if I were to restore, should I be able to restore from a backup or just create as a brand new iPad?

    Thanks everybody, this is really bothering me because being unsure of my battery percentage sucks when leaving the house and not knowing when it'll die.:(

    hd pictures for wallpaper. Samsung i hd wallpaper
  • Samsung i hd wallpaper

  • johnNYChingaz
    May 4, 01:56 PM
    To answer your question, I just upgraded from JB 4.3.1 to JB 4.3.2 without restoring. Just updated to stock 4.3.2 in iTunes, then ran redsn0w over it to jailbreak, then reinstalled all my JB packages.

    Not sure if not going through a full restore will have any adverse affects, I certainly haven't noticed any yet though!how did you reinstall you jb packages?

    i never tried just updating, i usually do a full restore, the last one i did i wiped everything of my phone and started fresh cus it was a little sluggish and slow, after that is been running nice and smooth

    hd pictures for wallpaper. HD Wallpaper: “Random” by
  • HD Wallpaper: “Random” by

  • ~Shard~
    Sep 23, 05:09 PM
    Welcome to the family! ;) If you have any questions at all, just ask them here on MacRumors - there are more than enough knowledgeable and friendly people here to help you out no matter what it is you may need. :cool:

    hd pictures for wallpaper. photography wallpaper hd.
  • photography wallpaper hd.

  • zen.state
    Mar 6, 05:41 PM
    I have found what I feel is a great solution for people with slower G4's or people that just want the site to stop hogging all their CPU. I recently discovered a great free app called "Mactubes" and have quickly fallen in love with it. Using this on my G4 1.8GHz I have watched video of all different quality/resolution and the CPU consumption ranges from 17-36%. The even better thing is that you can watch, search and download every video on youtube without ever going to the website. Gives you a great player window also that makes it much more like watching vids in VLC or something.

    These results I speak of require one specific setting in the apps preferences..

    1. Download Mactubes here. (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/28608/mactubes) It supports 10.4.2+

    2. Launch it then open preferences. Set the player type to Quicktime like the image I have attached shows. The window mentions near the bottom you need Safari 4+ but that is only for the "Video player" mode which uses html5 but without actually launching Safari. QT player setting uses even less CPU.

    I have also tried the flash and video player setting and they use more CPU. The quicktime interface takes flash out of the equasion all together which is amazing. Virtually every video on youtube is a lowres h.264 with a flash (.flv) wrapper. The QT setting ignores the wrapper and plays the h.264. Even a G4 400+ can play low res h.264 without the flash crap.

    Please share your results if you try this. :)

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  • NateEssex
    Apr 22, 10:24 PM
    Hi all,

    I need a "cheap", read inexpensive, GSM qwerty keyboard cell phone for my mom. I was going to go on eBay and buy a Blackberry Curve 8310, but then saw it requires a data plan with AT&T. I would like to avoid a mandatory data plan requirement, since she'll never use it.

    I just need good audio quality and text messaging.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jan 12, 09:49 AM
    I love macs they are so cool. I'm a little skeptical over the iPod. But that's a different matter. I know Apple are always using iThis and iThat. However I think it is a bit cheeky that they are using there legions of lawyers to steal Cisco's trademark. I know that it has the i before Phone but thousands of products exsist with the i before product names. It's only because Apple wants the name. Hypothetically if you made a computer screen and called it iScreen. Then if apple made a screen and wanted to use your name How would you feel if they took it from you due to their stronger legal forces? Not happy I presume. That is the same thing happening to Cisco. I do have an idea which could help Apple. If they want to hear it they can email me.

    What is your opinion on Cisco and Apple's dispute?

    I think it provides a whole new subject for trolling. I also think it is between Cisco and Apple.

    Sep 29, 09:35 PM

    click on the ">" next arrow (bottem right) until u get to the page Hydravision it explains about notebooks with radeon 9000 and has Hydravision etc. The pic has a man with a Powerbook in it....
    And the current powerbooks have radeon 7500 so could this mean radeon 9000 in the next editions?

    Aug 22, 06:49 PM
    It's animated to do what? Turn from black to black? ;) :D
    Well yes, but it changes from black to black ten times a second, so you are presented with the illusion of a static black image.

    Apr 22, 08:22 AM
    The same thing happens when I run Skype on my 13" MBA. When I use Facetime, the heat and loud fans aren't really an issue. The only other time the fans crank up for me like that is when I'm doing intensive photo or video editing. So it seems to me that Skype really is just a CPU hog. I'm not sure if there's really anything you can do about that.

    Apr 27, 03:38 PM
    You can use almost anything with a tripod for landscapes, and add in AutoPano Pro if you want to stitch. Macro is a different beast- insects or static subjects? The Tamron 90mm SP Di is a great choice as is the Nikon 105mm, consider the Sigma 150mm macro if you need the working distance.


    Thanks for the swift reply :)
    I tend to do static objects mostly but will occasionally take pictures of the odd insects. But to be honest, I'm not looking for lenses for that until next year when I get some more money. I think that currently I'll be looking lens for landscape for now. Will definitely use pano pro in the future. Been looking at things like that for a while now.