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Friday, May 27, 2011

heidi klum kids

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  • maflynn
    Apr 22, 06:21 PM
    This fits LTD to a tee, taken from his link
    The results suggest Mac users can be seen, depending on your perspective, as bolder and more creative -- or elitist and more pretentious.

    heidi klum kids. heidi klum kids pictures.
  • heidi klum kids pictures.

  • Small White Car
    Apr 12, 06:25 PM
    Could be they made many more Verizon models. Could also be that ATT models are being bought for resale overseas. Nothing wrong with that, which is what the OP was implying, I think..

    Nah. You put too much thought into his post. He's just saying that the people who bought Verizon iPads are stupid.

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  • sim667
    Apr 28, 10:42 AM
    An unscientific survey by Hunch

    Translates to "We completely made up the results" ;)

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  • macman312
    Apr 5, 06:09 PM
    that's exactly what i was wondering about! i don't know if EU regulations apply to the ipad, but they certainly do apply to the iphone. and i think, apple has to include a miniUSB port (standardized charger) to the iphone 5 if they want to sell it here in europe. a simply dock connector just won't do.

    Why the hell do you have to have a miniUSB for a phone in the EU?
    what is wrong with just using a apple dock connector?? Apple is NEVER going to put a miniUSB port but they may make an adaptor for the idiots who want one (for what I ask)

    heidi klum kids. Heidi Klum is pregnant again!
  • Heidi Klum is pregnant again!

  • grantsdale
    Jul 20, 12:18 PM
    Bah, why do people bump old threads?

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  • heidi klum children names.

  • dslade09
    Mar 11, 12:47 AM
    Very nice capture. This reminds me of the lighting style used in Tron and Tron: Legacy. What might be fun is to drastically reduce your aperture / increase your f-number and do a long exposure shot of it so that it is entirely in focus. I would also center it in the frame but that could just be me.

    That is what I thinking of doing but I do not have a tripod at the moment! That and a remote are on my shopping list of things to get. the reason its in that angle it I was charging the laptop and it would of exposed the charging light in the left.

    http://img852.imageshack.us/img852/5457/theroad.jpg (http://img852.imageshack.us/i/theroad.jpg/)

    I like how everything is dark except the yellow road stripe and light where cars are passing. Nice shot!

    heidi klum kids. Heidi Klum and Kids
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  • maflynn
    May 5, 05:28 PM
    I like how Microsoft thinks the 11" MacBook Air is a netbook ;)

    They're not the only ones ;)

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  • MacRumors
    Oct 10, 07:28 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Commercial Times claims (http://www.digitimes.com/systems/a20061010PR204.html) that Foxconn Electronics has received notebook orders from Apple and volume shipments of one new MacBook model by the of the year.

    While the news is being reported by Digitimes, the source of the information is Commercial Times, a Chinese-language paper, which in turn cites Vincent Chen, an analyst at Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia.

    While this report only addresses a new MacBook model, rumors continue to claim (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/10/20061006190658.shtml) that MacBook Pro and MacBook updates are planned before the holiday season.

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  • ~Shard~
    Oct 10, 12:53 PM
    it will be called macboo

    Is this a special Hallowe'en Edition MacBook then? :p ;) :D

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  • clayj
    Sep 24, 05:34 PM
    You should also check out the Vyper XS (http://www.booqbags.com/Detail.bok?no=97) sleeve from booq. I have the Vyper sleeve for my 15" PB, and it's great.

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  • gammamonk
    Nov 11, 09:26 PM
    初めましてパソコンです。 - Nice to meet you, I'm a PC (Personal Computer).

    初めましてMacです。   - Nice to meet you, I'm a Mac.

    ぅ? あなたもパソコンですよね。 - Eh? You're also a PC.

    うん、でも皆Macと呼んでるね。 - Yeah, but everybody calls me Mac.

    何かあなたと区別じゃないですか、友達みたいで。 - Is there anything to distinguish you from your friends? (Other computers)

    皆家で僕をPrivateに使うから親しみやすのかな。 - Everyone can use me privately in their home, so I'm very friendly.

    なるほど、私ビジネスくらい関係ばかりですから何か特別呼びなら欲しいです。 I see, since I do pretty much all business stuff, is there a name for me?

    仕事での付き合いがMainなら、ワークってどうかな。 Your association is mainly with work, how about we call you "Work."

    マックとワーク。。。マック!  Mac and Work... Mac!

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  • logandzwon
    Mar 23, 02:00 PM
    5 years ago Apple was pushing open standards with no licensing require (ie, zeroconf) and no one would buy in. Now they offer a standard with a fraction of the capability and charge for it and everyone wants it.

    People are stupid.

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  • asphalt-proof
    Oct 17, 06:10 PM
    I have a Treo and I love the keyboard but I have a hard time believing that a keyboard on an Apple branded phone would look good. I have yet to see any PDA phone that looked good with a keyboard. It just looks clunky. Maybe Apple can do it right. But all those chicklet sized buttons just look like a crazed Bedazzler-wielding mom attacted an innocent cell phone. :eek:

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  • wadejc85
    Nov 18, 01:05 PM
    Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is... never try.

    Thanks for the life lessons, Homer! ;)

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  • typecase
    Oct 26, 03:05 PM
    Wow, I expected PPC support to drop in a few years, not a few months. Sucks for anyone with the Quad G5s. Sucks for me with my dual G5. :(

    I hope this won't be a common trend.

    Amen! Why not just release it Universal and check the other box when compiling?

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  • elppa
    Oct 27, 03:01 AM
    It is surely embarrassing for Apple that a 3rd party developer can write an app that will download and upload from the iDisk far faster than their own Finder.

    If I'm going to iDisk, I use Transmit. Otherwise it's not worth it.

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  • George Knighton
    Apr 23, 02:27 PM
    Trump is very rich ....

    Are you sure? Many people cannot find more than about 3 billion US $.

    Depends on how you hide things, I guess.

    heidi klum kids. heidi klum kids pictures.
  • heidi klum kids pictures.

  • cdfarrar
    Aug 19, 09:07 PM
    not available in my region yet.

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  • Ja Di ksw
    Nov 14, 01:11 PM
    Does anyone know if the new Holiday Justin Long commercials will be advertised? If I remember correctly, the Will Ferrell ones were just online and not on any TV. At least not that I saw.

    While I do enjoy debate (not argument) on religion, can we please move it out of this thread? I've created a new one where you can move the discussion to, if you would be so kind:


    Jun 23, 02:22 PM
    That doesnt make it a lie, you still get the first month for $1.

    Mar 29, 08:42 AM
    no manufacturer uses effective focal lengths to refer to lenses for dslrs (e. g. it's a 17-55 mm f/2.8 lens and not a 27-88 mm f/2.8 (equiv.) lens), be it a lens tailored for crop lenses or otherwise, but always the physical focal length.

    Correct. Your lens is based in 35mm terms. So by utilizing a less than 35mm sensor'd camera, you are not using the full 35mm image being projected which is where this 1.6 factor comes into play.

    Where RobbieDuncan is missing the boat, and most that are arguing incorrectly is that the image will be the same using an EF lens on either a 1.6 sensor'd camera or a FF sensor'd camera. The end result is that it will not. Focal length of the lens has not changed, but your image has.

    For the EF-S lenses, since the rear element is smaller, your image circle is smaller, and is tailored to the 1.6 sensors... agreed? Ok. How can this now apply to 35mm? you don't have a full 35mm image circle projected through the lens. So apply your FOVCF to the actual focal length and you will get a hypothetical, imaginary number that equated to 35mm. But since your lens elements cant transmit a full 35mm image, then the argument goes out the window.

    What does happen, as indicated by the linked image earlier whereby the 5D was modified to accept an EF-S lens, the image is not complete. Not enough image is sent through the optics of the lens. This shows exactly what my argument has been all along.... the image will be different. What a 1.6 camera is doing is taking that sample image, but only recording the center of it. So, Effectively, it is a zoomed image. So the Effective Focal Length for that image is bigger... say 50mm, where the lens may have been an EF-S 35mm.

    Apr 30, 08:36 PM
    Anyone who chooses the simplest operating system (like OS X and iOS, obviously) to accomplish the same tasks *is* savvy.[/QUOTE]

    Or not too bright.

    Oct 16, 08:43 PM
    No offense, but how many cell phone calls are really that important? None, given all the ones I overhear on a daily basis. :D

    A fair number of people that I know use cell phones exclusively and is their primary phone. According to a recent bulletin from our local Telephone service provider they are seeing more people opt for just a cell phone instead of both a cell phone and a land line. It appears that more people are moving towards using the cell phone as a primary contact point which makes battery life quite important.


    Apr 12, 01:35 PM
    What you're describing isn't racism, so there's no issue. It's impossible for those who have been oppressed by the majority to be racist - they don't have the power.

    At least, that's what I was taught by my fancy college education.