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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jude Law looks good coming...

...but not going. Jude Law is a good looking guy. However, when he tips his head down it's very noticeable that he is balding in a serious way. I think this bothers men more than it does women. I say, just shave it off... With all the money Jude has I'm surprised that he hasn't hooked up with the Hair Club for Men or something like that.

I used to be a hair stylist and I worked at a barber shop for a while. They had a sign hanging in the shop that read:

If you are bald in the front you are a thinker. If you are bald in the back you are a lover. And if you are bald in both the front and back you just think you are a lover.

So, if that's true then Jude is a "thinker" and not a lover.