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Thursday, May 26, 2011

new sprint echo

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  • Str8edgepunker
    Apr 25, 04:28 PM
    Please no insane 15.6" screens with a 16:9 resolution ratio. I don't care whatever else happens.

    new sprint echo. Sprint touts its new Kyocera
  • Sprint touts its new Kyocera

  • Tommyg117
    Sep 26, 12:14 PM
    Well, it looks like I wont be getting this phone now. Sorry, I'm Verizon and so are all the people I talk to, so I'm not gonna switch for this.

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  • Vegasman
    Mar 30, 01:29 PM
    It looks descriptive to you because there is an App Store for your Mac and there is an App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If Apple hadn't invented the term "App Store" and used it for its super successful site, you would never have heard the term, and you wouldn't know what it means.

    Uh!? Anytime someone tells me there is a YYYY store, my first reaction is that it is a store that sells YYYY's. It is no different with an app store.

    What would one buy at a record store?
    What would one buy at a grocery store?
    What would one buy at a paint store?
    What would one buy at an app store?

    new sprint echo. Sprint#39;s new dual-screen
  • Sprint#39;s new dual-screen

  • TallManNY
    Mar 22, 01:23 PM
    Good news. My Mom needs a new iMac due to screen issues on her ancient machine, so she will be getting my hand-me-down 24-inch Core 2 and I will be buying an upgrade. I would like to see the 24-inch come back, but will probably consider and go with the 27-inch.

    Hope these machines don't run too hot or have too many mechanical problems. As long as Apple doesn't unnecessarily try to make these things another 1/4 inch thin, then I'm guessing these are okay right off the bat.

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  • iRobby
    Apr 22, 05:22 PM
    I hope all these internal specifications being updated in the MacBook Pro and now MacBook Air carry over to the iMac refresh so it is all across the Mac line

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 28, 12:15 PM
    I think I'll just purchase a Core 2 Duo myself and drop it in my iMac.
    Conroe, right?Merom... (http://guides.macrumors.com/Merom)

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  • Sprint Echo dual-screen cell

  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 19, 10:53 AM
    Apple will probably sue them for responding.

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  • cwt1nospam
    Jan 3, 08:09 AM
    Ummm.... Didn't most of the early iOS jail breaking methods target holes in OS. Sure more grey hat than black hat but risk is there to be aware of regardless of platform.
    That "risk" requires the active participation of the user. That's a huge difference from simply tricking them into clicking/tapping on something.

    In theory, your bank account is vulnerable to a hacker getting you to deliberately withdraw cash and give it to them, even though you know what they're trying to do. Is that a realistic possibility? It's not any less real than the same hacker getting you to deliberately jail break your iPhone so they can send you a virus.

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  • Bonte
    Sep 5, 08:30 AM
    Maybe Apple wants to be ahead of the rumors. :)


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  • daddy-mojo
    Sep 15, 06:17 PM
    the ipod wasn't a ground up design either.

    portal player had the software, pixo designed the UI, toshiba had the new 1.8" hard drives and tony fadell who came up with the whole idea was an outside vendor who pitched the ipod to real networds first (who turned them down, genius).

    now admittedly, it was apple, jobs and ives' that took a good idea and refined it to being the great product introduced in '03, but the ipod was an interesting break from apple's NIH syndrome. so much so that i question the TS report about apple going for a ground up design.

    I still have and use my original 5gb ipod. Came out before christmas, but after 9/11. I remember thinking how expensive it seemed & the state of the country at that point and wondered if anyone would buy it, I got mine in the spring of '02.

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  • andiwm2003
    Apr 25, 01:50 PM
    please get rid of the bezel. make it as small as possible.

    please do not make it thinner. rather reduce footprint and keep battery life up.

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  • Sprint Kyocera Echo - New

  • toughboy
    Apr 25, 01:01 PM

    About time!

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  • NT1440
    Apr 10, 08:01 PM
    People have been but are written off as being "out there"

    Exactly. Anyone not participating in making the problem worse (aka, our political system as currently structured and the media) is immediately cast out by those of influence.

    Until a radical shift in our system happens, such as 3rd parties somehow becoming viable, these things will only continue. Institutions are self perpetuating and reinforcing, unless changed from the bottom (the only place such a change can possibly occur), the problems this country faces will only be contributed to and not combated.

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  • Hattig
    Mar 29, 01:05 PM
    Actually there is still annoyances with that. While you can run two instances of Excel they still use a weird MDI interface if you are just double clicking to open files. A nightmare if you have dual monitors, and still not fixed in Office 2010.

    That's just appalling, and a classic example of failing to provide a consistent user interface paradigm to users. In this case: a window == a document. It winds me up in Office 2003 and and to hear you still need to faff around opening with a new instance simply shocks me.

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  • technicolor
    Sep 12, 03:15 PM
    why are you confused??? video play got extended, what do you expect more than that??

    i'm just glad that my 5gen didn't get outdated so fast
    Because they use the same battery, how can videos play longer and not music?

    new sprint echo. The new Sprint dual touch
  • The new Sprint dual touch

  • Dorfdad
    Mar 22, 01:28 PM
    Great news as I have been riding out my 2007 iMac and was tempted to buy one a few weeks ago. Glad I waited and will be first in line for the new iMac's! Wonder what problems we will face though? As it seems all new launches have. Anyone want to buy a Mint 24" 2007 with a 500gb HD (Fall 2007) Ati radeon 2600 Pro?

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  • spencers
    Apr 11, 09:28 PM
    I'm confused... What will this give us in XBMC that we don't already have? Since I'm assuming you're running XBMC on Apple TV2, Airplay already works just fine...

    From my iTunes library on my PC I can stream to my Apple TV2 in the bedroom, or to my Airport Express in the living room. From my iPhone, I can stream almost any app (Napster, Pandora, Netflix, etc) to either my AppleTV2 or the living room Airport express (audio only).

    So, I'm confused what additional capability this is going to give those of us who have already invested in an Apple ecosystem.

    I run XBMC Live on an Acer Revo connected to my TV in the entertainment room that plays any 720p and 1080p media I throw at it. I don't own an Airport Express. I don't invest in an Apple ecosystem. This stuff needs to be OPEN! :D

    I want to have ONE device that does it all (my Acer Revo) versus having to buy a number of overpriced Apple devices and/or software to get this to work. :)

    new sprint echo. Sprint#39;s new Kyocera Echo
  • Sprint#39;s new Kyocera Echo

  • szark
    Sep 15, 06:33 PM
    What is NIH syndrome?

    NIH = not invented here. apple was notorious for this behavior in the 80s and 90s, much to their detriment, and success.

    Just to further clarify -- NIH syndrome is when a company chooses not to use technologies invented by other companies in its own products. They prefer to design and build the entire package themselves, in-house.

    I'm not that interested in an iPhone. Apple would need to add some very unique features for me to consider buying one.

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  • theelysium
    Mar 30, 11:53 AM
    Microsoft needs to get bent!:mad:

    Aug 28, 04:11 PM
    So order it.

    I was talking about people who buy a machine and immediately consider returning it.

    Speaking of returns, is there a possibility of buying the machine and if they don't auto-upgrade me to the new one, return it and buy a new one?

    Don Kosak
    Apr 30, 05:16 PM
    :eek: How in the world can you make that statement? My 50gb Blu-Ray discs would disagree with you.

    I have well over 200 Blu-Ray discs. Let's assume that each disc is a single layer (25GB) disc and that they only have one disc in each case, no bonus discs no behind the sceens.... I'd need 5TB of storage to keep the quality as good as it is sitting on the disc.

    You'd be on something hard to think internet infrastructure could handle the digital distribution of all these movies on top of current expanding internet traffic.

    Okay --

    1) Next year you'll be able to buy a 5TB drive for about $200 bucks. (You can get a 2TB drive today for $120 at your local office supply store.) You should start backing up those outdated Blu-ray disks now.

    2) The latest fiber optics tech is out and does more than 100 terabits per second -- or the contents of 250 Double Sided Blu-Ray discs each second. It does it on a SINGLE cable. This isn't tech you buy for your PC, it's tech that the Telco's are putting in to expand broadband coverage.

    Put 1 and 2 together, and Blu-ray is looking like it's heading for "end-of-life" status pretty fast.

    I'm sorry if I offended any Blu-ray fans, but I gotta say, the writing is on the wall.

    Aug 28, 02:24 PM
    They're competitive with the Mac Pro. Very competitive.

    Mac Pro - you get a lot for the money. More pricey than most users are willing to spend, but unquestionably, "a lot of bang for the buck".

    Still, my point is that Apple isn't trying to remain competitive in regards to grabbing sales or going outside of their niche market. Apple has diehard fans that will purchase whatever they sell, no matter what. They don't need to attempt to go outside of that faction because they'll have a hard time swaying general computer users who are used to Windows already or don't want to pay the premium price. Apple gives you a lot of computer for the price, but the price is still above and beyond what anyone else will charge you. Then it boils down to asking yourself "do you want to pay for the Apple experience" and some people say 'yes' and others say 'no'. For better or worse, I don't see this changing in the near future. Apple does sell competitively priced computers (ie Mini) but they're also limiting the user in regards to upgradability; I don't think anyone can argue the upgrade capabilities of a minitower or tower @ $500 versus a small form factor for $600. Can you upgrade Macs? For the most part, yes, undoubtedly. How far can you upgrade your Mac? That depends on how much you spent upfront on it, deciding between a SFF and a $1,999 Mac Pro tower.

    I still love Macs and I enjoy working in OSX, but they really need to get on the 'headless Mac' idea, stat. IMO they could (seemingly overnight) gain at least a 10%+ market share if they released a tower desktop for $600, but that throws a monkey wrench into the rest of their hardware sku lineup, and they're not going to allow that to happen. Unless they kill off the Mini and slash prices on the iMac first, we'll never see a sub-$1,000 Mac in a tower enclosure.

    Sep 14, 10:09 AM
    OK, I'm new to Macs, and so I've never made a What's-Steve-gonna-do-next prediction before, but you guys are having too much fun; so I'm gonna give it a try!

    I think Apple set a precedent with the release of the C2D IMacs. It was a quiet release, and Steve didn't even mention them at Tuesday's presentation. I don't see why he would do anything different with the MBP's, unless Apple is releasing a drastically new model of the MBP, which I doubt since they have not even been out a year. So, if we get C2D MBP around this event, it will be next Tues or Wed, and it will be a semi-quiet release, just like the IMacs.

    I do think we'll see new cinema displays. Apple recently dropped the price of the current models and "updated" the specs, but I'm not convinced that there was actually any change in the hardware. There is no standardization to the monitor specs, so there's probably quite a bit of freedom that can be taken into assigning the different numbers. I called Apple store a few weeks ago to ask them about the new specs, and the guy didn't even know they had changed! I think the recent price drop signals an upgrade in the near future, and what better forum than a photography convention?

    Of course, I also think Aperture 2 will be there as well. I would also guess at new ISight cameras. The old ones are definitely starting to show their age, especially for the price.

    So to sum up:

    1. Possible quiet release of C2D MBP next week.
    2. Aperture 2, ISight camera, and new displays on the 24th.

    Just my thoughts.

    That was fun!

    Aug 31, 05:12 PM
    The Palm OS as we currently know it (the one you will find on Palm OS-powered Treos, the Palm TX, etc.) is basically dead. PalmSource is doing no further development to it, and PalmSource was acquired by Access, which is creating the Access Linux Platform as a successor to the Palm OS (it will include Palm emulation to run Palm apps, etc.).

    It's not to say that it's compeltely worthless to have a Palm-based system. Plenty of people still do have Palm OS Treos and other Palm OS PDA's, and there's still plenty of people using it and developing software for it. I personally have a Treo 650 and it's still working great for me.

    Hopefully Palm will license the Access Linux Platform and use that so that the "Palm OS" stays alive, but so far Palm hasn't committed to it. It's entirely possible that Palm could end up just making Windows Mobile devices.

    If you want a platform that definitely has support behind it, you're basically stuck with a PocketPC. There's also Symbian and some other stuff, but PocketPC is definitely sort of repeating the "success" of Windows in the PDA world.


    Does this mean an Archos PMA-400 iPod style thingy. That was cool when it came out a year or so ago. 40GB PDA not bad!

    Dan :-)