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Thursday, May 26, 2011

pink friday nicki minaj

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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 12:58 PM
    Woohoo! I have always wanted to be able to watch C-SPAN from somewhere besides my living room. Nothing will help you to fall asleep on the train better than some C-SPAN. C-SPAN 2! and 3! even better!:D

    I find listening to HSN is quite entertaining actually... It's funny to watch their middle age post-C-section Real Housewives of Scranton, PA (HSN home, right?) try to fumble through presenting the latest $499 laptop from Dell. Comical... sure is funnier than anything that's come from Fox int he last 5 years, hehe.

    pink friday nicki minaj. Name: Nicki Minaj – Pink
  • Name: Nicki Minaj – Pink

  • Lakeland*won
    Jun 12, 12:17 PM
    I really hope T-Mobile isn't chosen...I had them for a year and a half and what horrible customer service. Not to mention that their coverage in Palm Springs, CA is horrible. Apple should go with Verizon, I did go with AT&T myself, but Verizon is rated highest of all the carriers for customer satisfaction and coverage.

    I've been with T-mobile since the 1st sidekick and am still with them because of their customer service. They have the best CS IMO

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

  • Icculus
    Mar 11, 11:52 AM
    Line is about 46 now at Stonebriar. Posting pics on twitter @dpedini

    Cookies are still calling my name must resist.

    Stop by say Hello


    What are you wearing? I will buy you a whole cookie cake...:-)

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj #39;Pink Friday#39;
  • Nicki Minaj #39;Pink Friday#39;

  • h1r0ll3r
    Apr 28, 11:51 AM
    Arlington, VA Yesterday :(

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  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Album

  • realtime
    Sep 1, 03:03 AM
    Update away. Those of you running illegal copies of the WWDC (torrent) will be happy to know that your IP and other system/contact info is automatically logged and forwarded to Apple Legal by the Leopard Software Update. :eek:

    "Enjoyed the preview? Good. We'll be contacting you soon..."

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  • Pink Friday Album Cover. Nicki

  • VicMacs
    Apr 21, 12:58 PM
    I just got mine! Going to a bar now to show it off...

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

  • Andronicus
    Aug 19, 12:19 PM
    You need the app to use places....

    Well now I just feel stupid. . . .

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj Reveals #39;Pink
  • Nicki Minaj Reveals #39;Pink

  • Dagless
    Mar 2, 06:19 AM
    Oh man! I cancelled my preorder (waiting till summer when we get the proper games) but I've just played around with a Japanese import. It works! It really friggin works! Quite heavy though, feels more like a PSP.

    Just waiting on Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus and the download shop to open...

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  • stephenli
    Oct 17, 01:37 AM
    There is no application for iPhone in the Japanese trademark database.

    Apple failed to use the name "Airport" in japan, so they changed to "Airmac" at last. Even if somebody took the name already, its nothing to affect the product release but only to change the name and launch.

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj is prepares to
  • Nicki Minaj is prepares to

  • efoto
    Sep 17, 04:21 PM
    Alright, perhaps the second time I was going there just to see what I could see, I'll admit that. The other time however was my friend's first time to that mall (yes runninmac) since the Apple Store opened, and he did want to look at iPods, which took him a whole 5 minutes.

    I see what you all are saying, but it makes me sound like some sort of predator or something. I haven't gone in drooling and grunting all while starring at her. It takes two to make eye-contact you know, and it wasn't a creepy sort of thing, just a passing glance from a decent ways away. I didn't see her and suddenly start moving her way or anything, it was just a look. The story was outlined as such solely because I was bored, so I put a little more thought into the story than perhaps I should have....I am not obsessed with her, and if she is reading this then she can read that....I would easily pass her by I just thought she was cute and it caught me off guard that she would say hi to me outside of her paid-to-talk place of employment.

    Anyway, I only go there when I go to the mall, and only because it is the easiest store to relax in for a short while if I need a break from actual shopping, because there is a ton of eye-candy (computer wise) that I can wish for and play with. I will take your advices and not try to make eye-contact with her on subsequent visits, but I have to say that sounds pretty high-schoolish that I can't even look at a girl I happen think is attractive, but whatever if you all seem to think it could really be creeping her out.

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

  • t0rr3s
    Feb 18, 09:42 PM
    Damn I'm thinner than uncle Steve. I should have died a long time ago:D Better pack my stuff:p

    Looks like everybody wants to kill Steve, guess what? In the next keynote instead of macbooks Steve is going to announce:

    "Once again I'm still a live."

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, iLive 4(eva)


    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

  • bobbleheadbob
    Mar 28, 08:36 AM
    Can't wait to head back to SF! :apple:

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  • Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life

  • Cliff3
    Mar 29, 10:57 AM
    As far as Nikon goes: The reason was the F- Mount.. High speed crop is a byproduct. the D700 does not have it and some other don't either but they all MOUNT DX lenses in crop mode AND full frame mode.

    The term high speed crop was specific to the D2X. If you reduced the capture area to around 5Mpx, the frame rate increased from 4-5 FPS to 8 FPS. All of the Nikon FX bodies have a setting on the Image Setting menu called Image Area that governs whether the body automatically crops an image if it detects that a DX lens is mounted to the camera.

    The only DX lens I had was the 17-55 and I sold it a few years ago when I replaced it with the 14-24 and 24-70.

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  • Nicki Minaj launches Pink

  • sananda
    Oct 26, 12:37 PM
    i'm here. where are you all? no t-shirt for sananda :(

    pink friday nicki minaj. Well Ms. Nicki Minaj herself
  • Well Ms. Nicki Minaj herself

  • kainjow
    Apr 25, 10:54 PM
    I am looking for the full schedule for the developer conference. Specifically, I need to know when we will be done on Friday. This will help me book my tickets back to my town. Can someone help me with this? ( If there is another thread specifically about the developer conference, please point me to that as well. )

    Friday is usually the miscellaneous sessions day, when the less important (or popular I might say) sessions are held. Of course you can leave whenever you want but Friday is still a full day. I would plan on staying the entire day if you can. Leaving Saturday morning is best as you can relax on Friday :)

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  • I knew Nicki Minaj was

  • leekohler
    May 4, 12:09 PM
    They pay lip service about being for the common man but the common man voted conservative because they understand that budgets have to be balanced in households so it should be the same with the government.

    And apparently, gays should be kept from marrying, abortion should be illegal, and many other things listed here. They aren't that different from our conservatives in those respects at all, and that makes them scary. They scapegoated to get elected as well. Don't act as if they didn't. They're divisive, nasty people from what I've seen so far. Harper being right up there at the top.

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj#39;s Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj#39;s Pink Friday

  • dethmaShine
    Apr 21, 12:55 PM
    I suspect the next iPhone, released in June, July, or September will be largely unchanged from the 4. An A5, sure. Maybe higher storage capacities. A "world" model, from what the Verizon exec said. Black or white. That's about it.

    So what do you think it should have?

    Will only a redesign make it a real new phone? I think its great that Apple has had three good designs now. Some build up is necessary, otherwise the public will only look for redesigns and nothing else.

    It will be a new phone with updated specs and maybe the casing. That's all it needs.

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  • Pink Friday Nicki Minaj Cover.

  • PopCulture
    Jan 13, 02:27 PM
    This application kinda scares me. I don't want everyone knowing where I'm at. I'll pass.

    pink friday nicki minaj. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

  • foofan
    Mar 25, 08:23 AM
    I called my local verizon store. girl told me she would only sell an original ipad bundled with their mifi. Forget it.

    May 3, 01:49 PM
    Gives us a nice goal to get out of Afghanistan have finished. We got him and destroyed his network ability to launch large attacks. And hopefully put Afghanistan into a position where the moderates will be in control.I very much doubt that Al Qaeda has been dependent on Bin Laden for a very long time, and the day moderates take over from the gangsters who are in control of Afghanistan now is I fear a very long way off.

    Sep 13, 09:14 AM
    No, it's the anethesist who is is dreamy, the neurosurgeon is a cut-up.

    Wait, maybe the neurosurgeon is sharp and the anethesist is a gas...

    Mr Bigs
    Feb 19, 09:00 AM
    Obama (and the Chinese Premier) had a high profile meeting with Balmer only last month (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/10/AR2010121006226.html).

    Why was Steve Jobs snubbed? ;)Their is no way in Hell our government is gonna switch over to OSX so that is your answer.;)

    Aug 14, 05:05 PM
    I'm not claiming to say that these ads have hurt or helped boost the market shares...I'm only saying that I have only heard negative things about them.

    I feel embarrassed watching them.

    I personally believe that the market share has risen because of the intel switch. The ads happened to come out at the same time so it's impossible to know how they've affected the market share, but either way I really don't like them. It's not the actors either... definitely the elitist script.

    I like that Shaun White ad where he narrates what he does with his computer and this stunt guy (you can only see his torso) is reaching and grabbing at nothing that was edited later to appear as if what he was grabbing at were his folders/documents/songs/etc... Pretty clever. And no snobbishness (yeah that word rocks) either.

    Did I mention I like Ellen Feiss?

    I don't think the Apple ads are elitist or snobish, however I do think the HP ads are very cool. By showing what the computer can do in a slick, sci-fiction way, the ads sell the HP computer in a way that the Mac vs. PC ads don't
    If Apple's seeing increasing market-share it because they're finally trying to sell the computer and it's this ad presence that is working. The commercials' content doesn't really work, but only die-hard geeks can really get fired up for these commercials.
    For Joe Sixpack, the commercials remind him that Mac exist, they're cool and they do neat stuff. And that's the good part.

    The bad part is some people think they're being insulted, and some of those people will matter when it's time to buy a computer.

    Apple should've gone the HP way, show how cool the computer is and stop mentioning the PC at all.

    However, during WWDC, take a shovel to Microsoft is so inclined, that's a time to stir the troops into a fury.

    Laslo Panaflex
    Sep 19, 04:18 PM
    Do you mean "whilst" the update is happening the fans run at full speed, or after the update applys your fans are stupidly loud? :confused:

    With a pending order of the mac pro, the last thing I wanna go through is powermac G5 fan hell again......

    Yes, please elaborate on what you mean, I don't want to update if it's going have my fans running full speed at all times.